WE’RE LOCATED AT 1419 30TH STREET between N and O Streets (previously at 3260 J St.)

Mon. -Thurs. 10am to 6pm / Friday and week-ends by appointment only. —we recommend appointments during the week, also. 

Call 498-1459 anytime for info or to make an appointment.

Got grounds? Doing it yourself?
Let us help you a little or a lot.

a la carte— in addition to making excellent espresso drinks, overseen by our supervising attorney, we offer unbundled legal assistance—limited legal advice and assistance. An alternative way to access legal services—
a la carte—you choose from the ‘menu’ or let us help you with a custom order so that you can better represent yourself. We will not agree to represent you,
but will assist you with, e.g.:

Java ’n Justice, an espresso drink and a 15 minute consult
advice & counsel sessions—understand the law, the case, your choices
information regarding the relevant legal process— procedural & substantive
coach you for a specific upcoming event  court appearance, deposition, etc.)
aid in negotiation—avoid unnecessary litigation, get to the win-win

Got grounds? Understand the merits of your case.
advice & counsel regarding the law, the process, your choices
edit or ‘ghostwrite’ a one-time document
research the law
provide you with forms you need to file Have you been served? Concerned about a subpoena, or formal notification?
advice & counsel sessions—understand the  significance, the law, your duties & choices
edit or ‘ghostwrite’ your response
coach you for a specific upcoming event
research the law-liability, dismissal, countersuit, injunctions, other options
   Getting your ‘just’ desserts? Need help collecting?
your child support?
on a judgment?

Specialty du jour –volunteer attorneys who provide Java ’n Justice sessions in their areas of expertise.

a la carte Legal Services

Java’nJustice- an espresso drink &
a 15 minute legal consultation $25.00

Legal Forms $5.00 and up                    Small Claims $200- 500.00
Notary Public $10.00/sig                      Demand Letter $75-150.00
Fingerprinting $15.00                            Response $75- 175.00
Will $150-$300                                     Declaration $50-200.00
Living Trust $300-$600                        Editing $25-100.00
Health Directives $50.00                      ‘ghostwriting’ $50- 200.00
Power of Attorney $75-125.00            Legal Research mkt
Inc/LLC $500.00                                   Packages available



    To contact us:

1419 30th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: (916) 498-1459

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